Veronica Frey is a 24 year old musician from New York City. While she mainly focuses her career on singing, she is also a songwriter and dancer. Although Veronica is fairly new to the music industry, she grew up around music her whole life. Given that both her parents are musicians, it was clear that she shared the same passion and would follow in their footsteps. 

By the age of 3, Veronica was already making her way on stage, starting with dance and music recitals. Places that she has performed at include The Master Theater located in Brooklyn, NY, Kingsboro College of Brooklyn, Tribeca Performing Arts Center and Lincoln Center with the Russian Ballet. Veronica attended The Alvin Ailey Dance Company summer programs where she thrived in many different genres of dance as well. Piano was the first instrument she learned how to play and has been playing for over 10 years.

Veronica has been recording covers in her father’s studios since she was 11, but didn’t consider singing being a career path for her until she started high school, where she began to shape herself into an artist. In 2012, Veronica decided to enter the ‘Teen Hoot’ competition where contestants have the chance to perform alongside various Youtube artists and ranked 11th place with her cover of Lady Gaga’s song, ‘You & I’. Later on, she started to record and release a variety of covers on her Youtube and Soundcloud pages, and even picked up guitar to accompany herself in songs. In December 2015, Veronica performed as part of the Holiday House Band on Elvis Duran And The Morning Show on Z100, as well as 80 other affiliate stations across the country.

After many late hours in the studio, Veronica released her first single ‘But A Fantasy’ in June 2015, followed by the music video release a few months after. Since then, Veronica has been working in the studio on her first EP and has taken on college courses, as well as doing some live performances with her songs at college festivals and open houses for promo. In addition to working on her own music, she has also released a few covers over the years.

As for the future, she plans to have her first EP released in hopes that people will enjoy and be able relate to her music; she wants to help spread awareness on the effects of bullying, reflect on mental health, and other problems that people can face through music. Veronica is a strong believer that when someone is going through a tough time, music can help beat down some of the stress, or cut away from the real world for a little while and help them relax. “Where words fail, music speaks.”